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Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.45 released

Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.45

– startup process and external dll’s handling method revised to avoid 0x0c000007b issue with damaged libusb installation
– boot process revised
– boot/sla error handling method changed
– flash read process revised: luci handling updated and more detailed output
– EMI database structure updated
– MemoryTool file path handling updated, non-existent path check
– external dll’s moved to /lib/
– external dll’s verification method updated
– separate fscard.ini file is not required any more
– strategy detector updated: honor
– “Restore backup” process revised, issue with filelist fixed
– flash writer display source file size instead of partition size
– flash reader: [Create SCAT] option
– gui resize bug fixed
– auto-update check method changed to once per day
– messages and hints updated
– minor ui changes
– many internal changes and improvements

NOTE: install latest CM2MT2 boot-pack for best results