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EFT Pro Dongle v4.4.5 Build 001 is Released [SAMSUNG – Qualcomm – SPD]


EFT Pro Dongle v4.4.5 Build 001 is Released [SAMSUNG – Qualcomm – SPD]

EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.4.5 Build 001 is released :

What’s New :


Fix Exynos Boot (Beta)Bypass Knox Samsung AdbBypass Knox Samsung MTP


Enable Diag Mode Without Root


Added RSA AUTH Itel/Tecno/Infinix/Realme and moreAdded Spd Fix Wireless Test AssistantAdded New Device (SPD) Factory reset/FRP Reset/Write Firmware PAC

Realme C30 RMX3581
Realme Narzo 50A Prime RMX3516
Realme NARZO 50I RMX3235

Tecno POP 2F B1G
Tecno POP 5 GO BD1
Tecno POP 5X L6502S
Tecno SPARK 7 PR651E

Micromax IN 2B MMX7544

Lava Z1S
Lava V62
Lava LS000BEU
Lava Z66

Infinix X6816C
Infinix PR652C
Infinix PR652B

Gionee Max


Hisense E20 HLTE103E
Hisense E40 HLTE229E
Hisense E50 HLTE232E
Hisense E50 Lite HLTE228E
Hisense E60 HLTE236E
Hisense E60 Lite HLTE235E
Hisense U30 HLTE106E

Itel A11
Itel A12
Itel A13
Itel A13 PLUS
Itel A14 MAX
Itel A14 PLUS
Itel A14 SA215
Itel A14S
Itel A16
Itel A16 PLUS
Itel A16S SA331
Itel A20
Itel A21
Itel A23
Itel A23 PRO
Itel A24
Itel A25 L5002
Itel A25 PRO
Itel A26
Itel A33 Plus A509W
Itel A33 W5001P
Itel A35 W5002-F3110
Itel A36
Itel A37
Itel A40
Itel A41
Itel A41 Plus
Itel A42 Plus
Itel a44
Itel A44 Air
Itel A44 Power
Itel A46
Itel A47
Itel A48
Itel A48 L6006L
Itel A507LM
Itel A507LS
Itel A509W
Itel A509WM
Itel A51
Itel A511LP2
Itel A511LQ
Itel A512W
Itel A55
Itel A55 LTE
Itel A551L
Itel A56
Itel A56 LTE L6004
Itel A56 Pro
Itel A56 W6004P
Itel A571L
Itel A571LS
Itel A571W
Itel A571WM
Itel A58 A661W
Itel A611WP
Itel A631W
Itel A631W2
Itel A661L
Itel A661W
Itel AC60
Itel Alpha Lite
Itel Alpha W5503
Itel it1355
Itel it1655
Itel L5002R
Itel L5007
Itel L5503L-F6301
Itel L6005
Itel L6502-F3208
Itel L6502S
Itel P11
Itel P12
Itel P15
Itel P33
Itel P33 Plus
Itel P33 Plus W6001
Itel P36
Itel P36 W6501-F3111
Itel p37 P651W
Itel p37 pro P681L
Itel p38 pro P682L
Itel P41
Itel P551W
Itel P651W
Itel P682LP
Itel P682LPN
Itel S15
Itel S15 Pro
Itel S16 Pro
Itel S16 Pro (Vision 2)
Itel S661L
Itel S661LN
Itel S661W
Itel S662LC
Itel SA633
Itel SA633 W7001
Itel V41
Itel Vision 1 P36 Play
Itel Vision 1 Plus P36 Pro
Itel Vision 1 PRO L6502
Itel Vision 2
Itel VISION 2 L6503
Itel Vision 2S P651L
Itel Vision 3
Itel W4001
Itel W4003
Itel W5005P-F3110
Itel W5008
Itel W5008-SA332
Itel W6501

Previous Version EFT Pro Dongle Features

New design and Easy menu
Added Forced BROM (method 1)
Added Forced BROM (method 2)
Added Forced BROM without Test Point
Added Samsung forced BROM (PIT Method)
Added write Huawei (UPDATE APP) firmware
Added write Samsung (TAR) firmware
Added write Oppo/Realme (OFP) firmware
Added write EMMC Dump firmware
Added Vivo MT6765 PreLoader
Added direct unlock network MTK (BROM)
Added (Vivo) Disable MDM lock Supported for (2020 to Up)
Added (Vivo) Disable MDM lock Supported for (2019)
Added (Vivo) Disable MDM lock Supported for (Y15S PD2140EF)
Added (Vivo) Disable demo mode
Added (Vivo) Disable orange msg
Added (Vivo) Restore orange msg
Update Samsung Disable MDM Lock
Update Samsung change KG
Update Oppo disable MDM lock
Added New Security 2022/2023 for MTK

Added new models apove 200+ model
Factory reset and FRP Reset
Added write PAC firmware for All SPD
Enter diag mode 2 methods
Read info and IMEI in diag mode
Factory reset in Diag mode ALL mode