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TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.8.8 has been released.

TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.8.8 has been released.

Dear users,

We are delighted to announce 🎉 the release of the updated TFMToolMainModule V2.8.8.

In this version, we have addressed the following critical issues:

1. Firmware Load and Flash Issue 🛠: We’ve fixed the bug that was causing problems during both the firmware loading and flashing processes. Now, both operations should work seamlessly, providing you with an improved and more reliable user experience.

2. “Failed to Wait for Commit Event” Error 🔧: We’ve put an end to the frustrating error message stating, “Failed to wait for commit event.” This fix should enhance the overall tool’s efficiency and minimize any disruptions that this error may have caused.

3. Samsung FRP Download Mode(Android 5-7) Crashing Issue Fixed.

This update 🔄 is part of our steadfast commitment to providing you with a robust and reliable tool. We urge you to update to the latest version at your earliest convenience to benefit from these advancements.

Thank you 🙏 for your ongoing support and for choosing TFMToolMainModule.

Best regards, 🤝