News & Updates

Pandora’s Box 3.0 Update. Improved repair and patch algo Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme.

Pandora’s Box 3.0 Update. Repair and patch algo improved!

Bugfixes and improvements:

– Fixed repair and Patch CERT on some Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme

– Fix Wipe Data with UFS

– Fixed Load EMI from phone… Skip for MT6768 (in 2.12 version)

– Fixed Memory Leak on some operation with ext4

New Oukitel phones added for support:

– Oukitel C19 Pro
– Oukitel C21 Pro
– Oukitel K9 Pro
– Oukitel WP12 Pro
– Oukitel WP13
– Oukitel WP15
– Oukitel WP16
– Oukitel WP17
– Oukitel RT1

New Blackview phones added for support:

– A55 Blackview A55
– A95 Blackview A95
– BL5000 Blackview BL5000
– BV8800 Blackview BV8800
– Oscal S60 Blackview Oscal S60

New Infinix phones added for support:

– X662 Infinix Hot 11
– X662B Infinix Hot 11
– X663 Infinix Note 11
– X663B Infinix Note 11
– X689F Infinix Hot 11
– X697 Infinix Note 11 Pro
– X698 Infinix Note 11s
– X6810 Infinix Zero X Pro
– X6811 Infinix Zero X
– X6811B Infinix Zero X
– X6812 Infinix Hot 11s
– X6812B Infinix Hot 11s