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TFM Tool Pro MTK V1.3.34 has been released.

TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.3.34 has been released.

No need Test Point. No Need Brom Port.No Need CRD.
Preloader Mode Supported.

🔧Fixed Win7/32 bit.
🔧Exit issue fixed: Download Only(Flashing)

New Model’s List:


Infinix X665B Hot 12i (Auth)
Tecno CH7N Camon 18P-AUTH
Tecno CE9 Camon 16 Premier (Auth)
Tecno 0_Tecno_MT6785 (Auth)
Tecno AC8 Phantom X MT6785 (Auth)
Tecno K8 Spark Pro (Auth)
Tecno LB8A Pouvoir 3 Plus (Auth)
Tecno CB7j Camon i4 (Auth)
Tecno CF8 Camon 11 Pro (Auth)
Tecno CD7 Camon 15 (Auth)
Tecno KF6P Spark 7T (Auth)
Tecno LC8 Spark Power 2 (Auth)
Tecno ID6 Camon iClick 2 (Auth)
Tecno CC7 Camon 12 (Auth)
Tecno KE6J Spark 6 Air (Auth)
Tecno KG5H Spark Go 2022 (Auth)
Tecno KG8 Spark Go 8 Pro (Auth)
Tecno KF6k Spark 7 (Auth)
Tecno CG7 Camon 17P (Auth)
Tecno CE7j CAMON 16 SE (Auth)
Tecno LE7 Pova 2 (Auth)
Tecno CG8 Camon 17 Pro (Auth)
Tecno CH6i Camon 19 Neo (Auth)
Tecno CE7J Camon 16 (Auth)
Tecno KE7 Spark 6 (Auth)
Tecno LD7j Pova (Auth)
Tecno LF7n Pova 3 (Auth)
Tecno KD7 Spark 5 Pro (Auth)
Tecno LG6N Pova Neo 2 (Auth)
Infinix 0_Infinix MT6765 (Auth)
Infinix X653 Smart 4 (Auth)
Infinix 0_Infinix MT6761 (Auth)
Infinix X6512 Smart 6 HD(Auth)
Infinix X650B Hot 8 (Auth)
Infinix X6511G Smart 6 Plus (Auth)
Infinix X680 Hot 9 Play (Auth)
Infinix X657V Smart 5 (Auth)
Infinix X627V Smart3 Plus(Auth)
Infinix X657C Smart 5A (Auth)
Tecno KG5 Spark Go 2022 (Auth)
Infinix X6511E Smart 6 MT6761(Auth)
Infinix X6212 MT6580 (Auth)
Vivo V27E (Auth)
Infinix X671-AUTH
Infinix X6812-AUTH
Infinix X650C-AUTH
Tecno KH6 Spark 9T (Auth)
Tecno KF8 Spark 7 Pro MT6768 (Auth)
Tecno KG5J Spark 8C MT6761(Auth)
Tecno BD4I Pop 5 LTE (Auth)
Infinix X689F Hot 11 (Auth)
Infinix X688C Hot 10 Play (Auth)
Infinix X683 Note 8i (Auth)
Infinix X663 Note 12 (Auth)
Infinix X663B Note 11 NFC (Auth)
Infinix X689C Hot 10T (Auth)
Infinix X689D Hot 10s NFC (Auth)
Infinix X689 Hot 10s (Auth)
Infinix X659B Hot 10i (Auth)
Infinix X682C Hot 10 (Auth)
Infinix X682B Hot 10 (Auth)
Infinix X6817 Hot 12 (Auth)
Infinix X6823C Smart 6 Plus (Auth)
Infinix X610B Note 6 ( Auth )
Infinix X660C S5 Pro (Auth)
Infinix X6812B Hot 11S MT6768(Auth)
Tecno KE5 Spark Go 2020 (Auth)
Tecno Spark 4 KC2J (Auth)
Tecno KG6P Spark 8T MT6765 (Auth)
Tecno BF7N Spark Go 2023 (Auth)
Tecno BF7 Pop 7 Pro (Auth)
Infinix X665E Hot 20i MT6765(Auth)
Itel 0_All iTel Auth_Server

Note: Tecno,Infinix,Itel all Model Free Supported: (Flashing,FRP,Factory Reset etc)

***Auth using Guide: Select Brand and Model,Select Force Detect Preloader.
Tick ✅ Use Server Auth.Then Start the Job.
*** Infinix,Tecno,Itel Auth now free❤️❤️❤️

👍Thank you for using TFM Tool Pro MTK.