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Pandora’s Box 3.5 Update. New devices, flashing samsung tar files supported now.

Pandora’s Box 3.5 Grand Update. Added flashing Samsung tar files!

We trying step by step to add most requested functions/ devices. Today this is flashing samsung original files.
More hot functions are on the way

Added new function:

– Added flashing original Samsung files (tar, tar.md5, lz4)!
– Added flashing/repairing OPPO/Realme custom files (select PROJECT_ID from list of files)
– Added selecting multi super, now you can select multi super region from combobox [/SIZE]

Added new Nokia models to list:

– TA-1336 Nokia G20
– TA-1338 Nokia G10
– TA-1343 Nokia G20
– TA-1346 Nokia G10
– TA-1347 Nokia G20
– TA-1351 Nokia G10
– TA-1365 Nokia G20
– TA-1372 Nokia G20

New ATT phones added for full support:

– ATT U202AA Maestro
– ATT U304AA Radiant Core

Bugfixes and Improvements:

– Fixed Unlock/Read codes on some Nokia models
– Updated repair algo for Nokia, now autopatch cert if needed (on new models)
– Fixed Reset Orange state on Samsung models
– Updated algo for Wipe operations (metadata autodetect)

Dont forget post BUG reports in correct thread.

Bug report – HERE
New phone adding request – HERE