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CHIMERA BiWeekly Update Summary Fixes and Improvements

CHIMERA BiWeekly Update Summary Fixes and Improvements

New features and improvements:

  • Samsung: added Phone Info procedure for devices connected in modem mode (when adb/normal mode is not available)
  • Root: we’ve updated the rooting mechanism, which could potentially increase the success rate of Qualcomm and MTK Root procedures (further developments are coming soon)
  • Huawei: added a new warning message for Huawei ID & FRP Remove procedure when we can’t start the Factory Reset automatically
  • Core: now we’re suggesting a default extract destination in the Firmware extractor of the Utility panel


  • Samsung: fixed the Auto Detect feature for newer phones on the Firmware Update panel
  • Core: fixed various bugs in the generic file downloader
  • Core: fixed a bug which could cause crashes during application start if specific Anti-Virus softwares were used

Software version: 32.13.1420
Release date: 19 May 2022

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