Sunshine Sl-936d Digital Temperature Control Iron



220V 80W Adjustable Temperature Electric Soldering Iron LCD Digital Welding Soldering Gun Soldeerbout BGA Solder Repair Tools

–Operating Volatge : AC220-240V 50HZ-60HZ
–Output Power : Constant Temperature Work 80W
–Temperature Range : 180~480℃
–Temperature Correction : Error less than ±4℃ after temperature correction
–Tin Time : 18-20 seconds
–Heating Core : 936D Heating Core

Set Temperature Operation:
–Press Red button “+”to increase temperature by 1 degree.Long press button “+”to increase temperature –continuously.
–Press White button “-“to decrease temperature by 1 degree.Long press button “-“to decrease temperature continuously.
–After the button is released for 3 seconds,the newly set temperature will be momorized and the temperature will be maintained at next power on.

When Repacing heater core,be sure to separate power plug from power socket,otherwise there is a risk of burns and electric shock.

1*Soldering Iron

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