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Pandora Box 1 Year Digital license

6,899.00 7,499.00

Pandora Box 1 Year Digital license
Pandora Online version:

instant delivery (no need box)
need a digital annual License,
Internet required for all operations,
list of supported models/cpu same,
lifetime limited by annual digital License,
assign with HWID of PC or Z3X Card with any activation,
HWID can be changed 4 times per quartal (48 hours before the next change)

Pandora BOX version:

box required,
Internet is requered only for some operations,
list of supported models/cpu same,
unlimited lifetime*,
assing with BOX CARD,
can be used on different pc without limitation,


Pandora Box 1 Year Digital license

This activation allows you to use Pandora software without a box. Intended for the users who don`t have Pandora box.

Activation period – 1 year.

Current Pandora box owners will be able to use Pandora software without a box as well. Works starting from Pandora v.4.0.

Latest Updates

Pandora v.4.0 Released:

Exclusive support for almost ALL the latest Unisoc/Spreadtrum models.

  • Decode / Relock Bootloader
  • Backup / Write / Format RPMB
  • Remove FRP
  • Format Flash
  • Read Info / IMEI / Partitions
  • Restore Backup
  • Wipe Data / Partitions
  • Write Firmware
  • Decode Network
  • Patch Cert


  • XT2053-5 Moto E6i
  • XT2053-6 Moto E6i
  • XT2097-12 Moto E7i Power
  • XT2097-13 Moto E7i Power
  • XT2097-14 Moto E7i Power
  • XT2097-15 Moto E7i Power
  • XT2155-1 Moto E20
  • XT2155-3 Moto E20
  • XT2155-5 Moto E20
  • XT2155-6 Moto E20
  • XT2155-8 Moto E20
  • XT2227-1 Moto E32
  • XT2227-2 Moto E32
  • XT2227-3 Moto E32
  • XT2227-4 Moto E32
  • XT2128-1 Moto G20
  • XT2128-2 Moto G20
  • XT2128-3 Moto G20
  • XT2159-1 Moto E30
  • XT2159-2 Moto E30
  • XT2159-3 Moto E30
  • XT2159-4 Moto E30
  • XT2159-5 Moto E30
  • XT2159-6 Moto E30
  • XT2159-8 Moto E30


  • TA-1204 Nokia C2
  • TA-1233 Nokia C2
  • TA-1239 Nokia C3
  • TA-1258 Nokia C3
  • TA-1292 Nokia C3
  • TA-1298 Nokia C3
  • TA-1306 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1308 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1309 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1312 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1314 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1318 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1320 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1339 Nokia C20
  • TA-1342 Nokia C10
  • TA-1345 Nokia C30
  • TA-1348 Nokia C20
  • TA-1352 Nokia C20
  • TA-1356 Nokia C20
  • TA-1357 Nokia C30
  • TA-1359 Nokia C30
  • TA-1360 Nokia C30
  • TA-1366 Nokia C20 Plus
  • TA-1369 Nokia C30
  • TA-1377 Nokia C30
  • TA-1379 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1380 Nokia C1 2nd Edition
  • TA-1382 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1383 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1387 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1388 Nokia C20 Plus
  • TA-1391 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1392 Nokia T20
  • TA-1394 Nokia T20
  • TA-1396 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1397 Nokia T20
  • TA-1401 Nokia G11
  • TA-1404 Nokia G21
  • TA-1405 Nokia G21
  • TA-1408 Nokia G11 Plus
  • TA-1412 Nokia G21
  • TA-1413 Nokia G11 Plus
  • TA-1415 Nokia G21
  • TA-1418 Nokia G21
  • TA-1421 Nokia G11 Plus
  • TA-1424 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1425 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1426 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1429 Nokia G11 Plus
  • TA-1431 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1433 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1444 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1446 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1452 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1454 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1457 Nokia T10
  • TA-1462 Nokia T10
  • TA-1466 Nokia C21
  • TA-1468 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1471 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1472 Nokia T10
  • TA-1477 Nokia G11
  • TA-1493 Nokia C31
  • TA-1495 Nokia T21
  • TA-1497 Nokia C31
  • TA-1499 Nokia C31
  • TA-1503 Nokia T10
  • TA-1512 Nokia T10


  • 4065D, 4065F Alcatel 1L Pro
  • 4087U Alcatel 1SE Light 5001A, 5001D, 5001J, 5001T, 5001U Alcatel 1V (2019)
  • 5003A, 5003D, 5003G, 5003U, 5003X Alcatel 1C (2019)
  • 5024A, 5024D, 5024F, 5024I, 5024J Alcatel 1S
  • 5030A, 5030D, 5030E, 5030F, 5030U, 5130J Alcatel 1SE (2020)
  • 5031F Alcatel 1SE (2021)


  • RMX3231 C11 2021
  • RMX3235 Narzo 50i
  • RMX3261 C21Y
  • RMX3262 C21Y
  • RMX3263 C21Y
  • RMX3265 C25Y
  • RMX3268 C25Y
  • RMX3269 C25Y
  • RMX3690 C30s
  • RMX3501 C31
  • RMX3503 C31
  • RMX3506 Narzo 50i Prime
  • RMX3516 Narzo 50A Prime
  • RMX3516PU Narzo 50A Prime
  • RMX3581 C30
  • RMX3624 C33
  • RMX3624BA C33
  • RMX3624EU C33
  • RMX3511 C35
  • RMX3513 C35


  • Instant delivery (you`re paying for access, no box required).
  • List of supported models / CPUs is the same as for box owners.
  • Your account can be linked to your email.

Pandora Box vs Pandora Activation

Pandora Box Pandora Activation
Software access lifetime 1 year
Internet connection required for some operations only required for all operations
PC changing policy can be used on a different PC without any limitations 4 times per 3 months (48 hours before the next change)