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MFC Dongle Full Set

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MFC Dongle Full Set

One of professional software tools for iPhone / iPad / iPod / Apple Watch , Also can unlock pin Lock for Samsung and HTC Device . MFC Tools with many functions to management and control your Device more easily.

General iOS iDevice (iPhone & iPad & iPod&iWatch and MacBook)

  • Support all iOS iDeivce read general information
  • Support iPhone 7 ~ x enter purple diagnostic mode and data change by USB cable or DCSD cable (beta)
  • Support super Restore & Update & Custom flash IPSW
  • Automatic iOS version detecting, Even in disabled or untrust mode
  • Support multi iDevice operating in same time
  • History recording by Real-time logs
  • Support all iDevice Debug Mode do button Testing
  • Support all iOS iDeivce Activate / Deactivate by USB cable
  • Support install iOS Apps from IPA package
  • Support management user’s  / system and Archives Apps
  • Support Update、Install、Uninstall、Backup Apps by one button
  • Support Apple Watch repair/ update/ restore by iBus Tools (S6 in beta)
  • Support all iOS iDeivce mode change by USB cable
  • Support one button Bypass iPhone 4 iCloud Account
  • Support all iOS iDeivce Recovery iCloud Data (Read Passcode based conditions and not free for new device model, iOS upto 11.2.6)
  • Support all iOS iDevice read the Restrictions Passcode (IPR)
  • Support all iOS iDeivce diagnostics check by USB cable
  • Support all iOS iDeivce time setting by USB cable (beta)
  • Support all iOS 7.x iDevice screen passcode unlock (4 digits)
  • Support all iOS 7.x iDevice permanently disabled remove
  • Support all iOS 8.0 – 8.11 iDevice screen passcode Unlock (4 digits) if your iDevice temporarily disabled or not disable yet
  • Support all apple MacBook Model unlock 4 digits by EFI Boot Mode
  • Support all apple MacBook Model unlock 4 digits iCloud PIN

iOS Jailbreak iDevice (OpenSSH Required – iOS 6.0 – 13.x)

  • Support Read 4 digits passcode (Many deivce be same time)
  • Support jailbreak  statue check
  • Support using cable detect data via SSH
  • Support fast bruteforce SSH passcode
  • Support one button open SSH Tunnel
  • Support one button read iCloud Account
  • Support one button delete iCloud Account
  • Support Change Phone general / About info (Model & Color etc)
  • Support hide / Show Application icon
  • Support all iOS Super Backup

Samsung & HTC Android Mobile Models V4.3+ – 4 Pin Lock Unlock

  • All Samsung & HTC Android based Mobie Phones

Credits Cost ( 1 is FREE )

These credits are for use with MFC Software Only, You must have MFC Dongle at first then can use these credits. 

What do we do?

  • Support iDevice iCloud (iPR) access Data details recovery, Eg, iCloud Passcode, The iPR function only working with an accessible iDevice (Meaning can using screen passcode enter into iDevice menu.) jailbreak on iDevice is not required.

iPR Support Models and Credit Cost? (update 2018-01-11)

Apple iPhone Support Models for all iOS version

iPhone 4

  • iPhone3,1 (1 Credits)
  • iPhone3,2 (1 Credits)
  • iPhone3,3 (1 Credits)

iPhone 4s

  • iPhone4,1 (1 Credits)

iPhone 5

  • iPhone5,1 (1 Credits)
  • iPhone5,2 (1 Credits)

iPhone 5c

  • iPhone5,3 (1 Credits)
  • iPhone5,4 (1 Credits)

iPhone 5s

  • iPhone6,1 (1 Credits)
  • iPhone6,2 (1 Credits)

iPhone 6

  • iPhone7,2 (1 Credits)

iPhone 6p

  • iPhone7,1 (1 Credits)

iPhone 6s

  • iPhone8,1 (1 Credits)

iPhone 6sp

  • iPhone8,2 (1 Credits)

iPhone SE

  • iPhone8,4 (1 Credits)

iPhone 7

  • iPhone9,1 (145 Credits)
  • iPhone9,3 (145 Credits)

iPhone 7p

  • iPhone9,2 (175 Credits)
  • iPhone9,4 (175 Credits)

iPhone 8

  • iPhone10,1 (225 Credits)
  • iPhone10,4 (225 Credits)

iPhone 8p

  • iPhone10,2 (245 Credits)
  • iPhone10,5 (245 Credits)

iPhone x

  • iPhone10,3 (275 Credits)
  • iPhone10,6 (275 Credits)
Apple iPad Support Models for all iOS version
Apple iPod Support Models for all iOS version

Related informations:

  • Once you bought these credits – there will be no refund
  • Recharge code can obtained from your dashboard
  • This is a virtual product no shipping required
  • Don’t use for Stolen and Lost iDevice that you will own the risk by yourself.

System Requirements

  • All Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10

User Manual:

Package Content (Note: iPower for iOS 8.x Stop selling):

  • 1 x MFC Dongle
  • 1 x Sensor Adaptor with cable
  • 1 x 3 in 1 OTG Charging USB Cable
  • 1 x Boot Cable