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Mechanic Iboot Box Phone Power Supply Test Cable



Mechanic Iboot Box Phone Power Supply Test Cable

Product Description

MECHANIC iBoot Box Phone Repair Boot Line Power Supply Cable Motherboard Repair For iPhone Android Power Supply Test Line

Description: Currently different from the market,The most obvious advantage is 1. One button triggers the boot, only 3 seconds 2. Support voltage input 5-28 volts. Others only 3.7-4.2V 3. Support 3 different input methods, only one of others. We have three kinds, Meixiang-USB input, DV3.5 port input, DC regulated current input. 4. Constant voltage constant current output, automatic protection function, do not worry about the user mis-adjust voltage to cause the motherboard to burn out. 5. Supports up to 6 ports of USB output. Name IBoot Box iPhone data line A:6G/6P B:7G/7P C:6S/6SP/8G/8P D:XR/X/XS/XS MAX E:MINI5PM Alligator clip line Android data line F:HUAWEI G:XIAOMI H:OPPO I :VIVO J :SAMSUNG Output way:Six USB output Output voltage: DC4V Boot voltage :DC3.7V-4.2V Output current: 3A Size :64*70*22mm Input mode Mico-USB input DC3.5 Port input DC regulated power supply input Package 1: host + iPhone 5 data lines + Android 6 data lines Package 2: host + iPhone 5 data lines Package 3: host +Android 6 data lines

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