Mechanic Iboot Box Phone Power Supply Test Cable



Product Description

MECHANIC iBoot Box Phone Repair Boot Line Power Supply Cable Motherboard Repair For iPhone Android Power Supply Test Line

Description: Currently different from the market,The most obvious advantage is 1. One button triggers the boot, only 3 seconds 2. Support voltage input 5-28 volts. Others only 3.7-4.2V 3. Support 3 different input methods, only one of others. We have three kinds, Meixiang-USB input, DV3.5 port input, DC regulated current input. 4. Constant voltage constant current output, automatic protection function, do not worry about the user mis-adjust voltage to cause the motherboard to burn out. 5. Supports up to 6 ports of USB output. Name IBoot Box iPhone data line A:6G/6P B:7G/7P C:6S/6SP/8G/8P D:XR/X/XS/XS MAX E:MINI5PM Alligator clip line Android data line F:HUAWEI G:XIAOMI H:OPPO I :VIVO J :SAMSUNG Output way:Six USB output Output voltage: DC4V Boot voltage :DC3.7V-4.2V Output current: 3A Size :64*70*22mm Input mode Mico-USB input DC3.5 Port input DC regulated power supply input Package 1: host + iPhone 5 data lines + Android 6 data lines Package 2: host + iPhone 5 data lines Package 3: host +Android 6 data lines

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