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Mechanic GK8 Multifunctional Red Blade



Mechanic GK8 Multifunctional Red Blade

Mechanic GK8 Multifunctional Red Blade Not Hurt Your Hands Blade CPU IC Glue Baseband HDD NAND Removal Glue Blade Repair Tool
1.Innovative technology for removing glue from pads, creating a glue removal blade that won’t damage the pad.
2.when removing the glue, it can provide better protection of chip’s pads no damage and no solder joint dropped.



1.Eight-layer ultra-thin progressive elastic copper sheet

2.Mult-composite sandwich structure

3.Double protection at both front and rear of copper sheet

4.Better protection of the motherboards pads from being dropped the component of the motherboard’s chip without damaging it

1 x Mechanic GK8 Red Blade

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