Mechanic 004 Glue Remover Cutting Blades Set For Phone Pcb Ic Chip



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Mechanic 004 double-end glue cutting rework blades set with 4 kinds steel blades for mobile phone motherboard BGA chip layer, UV glue clean tool for removing residue adhesive glue form cell phone PCB BGA repair

Mechanic 004 Glue Remover Tool with 4 Kinds Blades

Product Function :

  1. Crescent Knife for iPhone A8 A9 A10 A11 A12 CPU BGA chip.
  2. Crooked Knife Disassemble Cleaning Pry tool for mobile phone motherboard sealant glue.
  3. UV Glue Cleaning Tool and crooked shovel Knife for Removing the motherboard sealant glue.
  4. Solder Paste Scraping Knife for cell Phone BGA Repair and UV Glue Cleaning Tool.

Product Features :

  1. Handmade sharpening and grinding : Pure manual cutting edge grinding
  2. Real gold plating process : Standardized 5UM nickel layer process real gold plating molecular surface treatment anti-oxygen and anti-corrosion.
  3. Special grade 4A material : Adopt 0.1mm imported AAAA steel, soft and tough, strong heat and wear resistance.
  4. Non-slip fine lines design : 8mm diameter, comfortable grip, ergonomic design.
  5. Double handle : Adopt 0.1mm imported AAAA steel, soft and tough, strong heat and wear resistance.

Product Specification :

  • Item name: Adhesive Cutter Blade
  • Brand: Mechanic
  • Model: 004
  • Package size: 170*80*20mm
  • Net weight: 48g
  • Usage: It is suitable for tapping, scraping, debonding disassembling the main board chip and laminating.
  • Widely used: Suitable for cutting, shoveling, removing glue disassembling motherboard chip layer, etc.

Packing List : 

  • 1pc x Blade Handle
  • 4pcs x Blades

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