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Martview Magic Scrub LCD Glue Remover – 100% Safe For LCD



Martview Magic Scrub LCD Glue Remover support for Coldlight screen, OLED screen,  Hard glue, OCA glue

Cannot remove the original screen glue? hard glue? OCA glue? and all the screen glue? Worrying broken the screen? Don’t know how to remove the curved screen glue?

Don’t worry. Martview glue removal head, free of potions, non-professionals can easily use it, 100% safe for LCD. Coldlight screen, OLED screen,  Hard glue, OCA glue, curved screen, all troubles are solved, Recommended glue remover machine.



  • Specially designed for LCD glue removal, with unique material for maximum safety, durability & effectiveness
  • Very efficient, only 5 minutes per LCD
  • Able to remove all type of LCD glue like OCA and hard glue
  • Compatible with most of LCD glue remover machine
  • 5pcs included, for upto 500+LCDs
  • To be used together with the drill (not included)




Conventional wool-head tip

  • Its too hard, rigid and bumpy, not convenient for use
  • The iron needle is too hard and long, easy to sway & lose control during operation
  • Will easily scratched or broke the LCD screen







Martview Magic Scrub

  • Uses the latest high-tech synthetic materials that is soft and safe
  • Directly touch the screen surface during use, remove the glue easily
  • 100% safe and will not harm the LCD screen.




How to use:

  • Put the head inside the glue remover tool
  • Preheat separator 80 ° C
  • Put the separated LCD on the heating table
  • Use the installed glue remover to gently remove the glue


When placing the LCD on the separator, there is no need to turn on the vacuum suction function, just press gently with your hands to avoid damage to the LCD

As shown in the picture, you need to take the glue remover sideways when it working, not upright

Dont remove in same place for long time.

Package includes:
5 x Glue remover head
1 x Allen wrenches
2 x Conversion head