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Kaisi K-868 Bga Ic Repair Welding Soldering Paste

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Kaisi K-868 Bga Ic Repair Welding Soldering Paste

Kaisi K-868 BGA IC Repair Welding Soldering Paste For Mobile Phone Digital Devices Halogen-free Cleaning Free Welding Oil Repairing Glue

Product descriptions:

It can quickly wet the solder and the welding surface, and the solder joints are bright and firm. BGA IC repair welding for mobile phones and digital products, It can be used as solder paste viscosity and performance modifier

K-868BGA Welding Oil

Innovative design ( Breaking the tradition, a new version of welding oil, the integration of welding oil and welding aid tools, making it easier to use) The latest scientific formula, mixed with imported ether and alcohol Lead free, halogen-free, cleaning free High boiling point, not volatile, welding smoke small, less odor.