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AMAOE M74 200ml Glass Alcohol Bottle


AMAOE M74 200ml Glass Alcohol Bottle
Amaoe M74 200mL Large Capacity Press Type Alcohol Glass Washing Bottle
Micro-porous design / Stainless steel water pipe
Large water tray / Large volume bottle / Anti-splash and anti-clogging
The water outlet adopts 304 stainless steel sheet
Micro-porous design, splash-proof, prevents foreign objects from entering the pipe and causing blockage
Stainless steel water pipes, improve wear resistance, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust
Strictly control the fit between the water pipe and the pump core to maintain a good water outlet effect
Glass thickened bottle body, anti-corrosion, anti-static
Good light transmittance, inside the transparent bottle, the liquid condition is visible
Capacity: 200ml
Size: 123*61*61mm


AMAOE M74 200ml Glass Alcohol Bottle

AMAOE Micropore Glass Alcohol Bottle-M74

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